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All the furniture purchased at our shop will be delivered directly to your house all the interior furniture is always packed with a user’s manual the time of the order realisation depends on the availability of the products in our stock (e.g. the colour, manufacture, etc.) as well as the delivery service possibilities. Standard the realisation time is 4-6 weeks. Taking into consideration the dimensions and the weight of the packages, it is advisable to arrange the receiving of the package on your own it is not the driver’s responsibility to carry all the furniture upstairs. It only lies within his competence.


Before placing an order we suggest to perform all the required measurements of corridors, halls, staircases, etc. , which will be used to carry in the furniture. It concerns mainly sofas, couches, chairs.

Take a special notice on the height and width of the staircases and the width of the door in detached houses.

All the products offered here are fabric ally new and have the required producer’s warranty for a period of 12 months.

The Amber Life Furniture is online shop receives the orders 24/7 on each day of the year. The orders placed on Sundays and holidays will be considered according to the placement order on the first working day after the day the order was placed.

Due to some unexpected causes it is often the case that we will be unable to deliver a given product within the specified time. In such cases we will inform you about the situation that happened as soon as possible.

All the prices specified include VAT rate.

Reclamations & returns

1. All the products available here have the producer’s valid warranty. The information on any defects or mechanical defects in a given purchased product found by the buyer will have to be provided in a written form to the seller.

2. The buyer is obliged to pack the product in such a way that no damages result. The package has to have a sale invoice as well as the list of the defects attached.

3. Reclamation’s resulting from the colour mismatch and shades with respect to those presented on our website will not be considered. The photos are only exemplary and the shades/colours may differ from the real ones.

We believe that it will improve the quality a services we provide.

Delivery options Price
Orders under £2500 Standard UK delivery depends on the size of the order and delivery place.
 Orders over £2500 FREE Standard UK delivery Items normally delivered within 4 – 6 weeks. Mon – Sun. 9am – 9pm.
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