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Corner sofa Arni


High Quality Sofa / Elegant design / Exceptional look

This modern corner sofa will give your living room an extraordinary look with its unique and modern lines. 

Its exclusive construction provides excellent comfort. 

Selected design – made specifically to follow the latest trends. 

This beautiful corner sofa bed will bring the modern look to any interior.


Product Description

 Corner sofa Arni

This sofa, manufactured in the EU, will provide a comfy place for you and your guests to sit back and relax. With its welcoming and cosy appearance, this sofa will be the perfect centrepiece for your living room.



Width 244 cm

Height 90 cm

Depth 189 cm

Sleaping area 200 x 147cm


Variety of colours are available to you.




Additional Information

Corner part option

On the left – watching from the front, On the right – watching from the front


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