Amber Life Furniture LTD – the home furniture retailer provides an exciting range of home furnishings, with massive discounts and sale prices all year round. We source furniture from all over the world to ensure that we offer the best quality and value that is available today.

We specialise in quality furniture with a fabulous range of living, dining, bedroom and occasional collections.

Our aim is to supply high quality traditional and contemporary sofas, beds,wardrobes direct to the public at the lowest possible prices, together with a simple and courteous sales experience and a fast and efficient delivery service.

Find the perfect furniture for your home at Amber Life Furniture LTD.



9 thoughts on “About

  1. Sveiki kokiame mieste jusu parduotuve randasi?

    1. sveiki mes is Aberdeen.

  2. Ar siunciate savo gaminius iki kitus UK miestus?

    1. Baldus pristatome visoje UK.

    2. Sveiki, taip vežiojame visoje UK.

  3. Ar jus projektuojate,gaminate baldus?

    1. Laba diena, baldu neprojektuojame. Bet galime suteikti dizainerio paslaugas.

  4. Sveiki per kiek laiko atkeliauja baldai ? Ir Ar deliveris kainuoja uk?

    1. Baldus pristatome per 4-6 savaites. Pristatymas kainuoja 50£.

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